We understand it’s difficult to leave your cat with someone else. Our priority is to care for your cat and keep them safe and happy while you enjoy your holiday.

The bespoke wooden cattery is in a secluded part of the site and is situated well away from the kennels. Each chalet is heated and has an upper and lower level with cat flap access to an individual run and a sunbathing shelf.


You can bring your cat’s own bed, bedding and toys, so they feel at home. We also have plenty of our own beds and bedding if you want us to provide them. For hygiene and safety reasons, we recommend that you use the bedding and toys with provide.


We stock a variety of wet and dried foods. We are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements. You can provide your cat's own food if you prefer.


We will administer most forms of medication providing it can be safely given by a member of our staff. Please let us know of any existing medical condition when you make a booking.


All cats must be fully inoculated and have had the necessary annual booster vaccinations.